Tire market quotation

In today's increasingly competitive tire and rubber manufacturing industry. Enterprises all over the world are facing unprecedented changes. Under the background of ever-changing customer requirements, globalization, industry integration, technology innovation, security rules, government regulations and customer cost reduction requirements, all manufacturers, raw material suppliers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are affected.

Especially in the tire manufacturing industry. Manufacturers need machines with high output, high reliability, and high product quality, less manpower demand, and low maintenance cost. The machine can not only ensure production efficiency, but also ensure product quality. In addition, the machine shall be flexible enough, so as to adapt to larger tire size and more complex design.


More powerfully improve productivity

In order to produce higher quality tires more efficiently, you need a solution covering the entire process of tire design, development and production.

Our tire manufacturing automation and control system can provide support for every step of your manufacturing process: From raw material processing and mixing, to parts preparation, to tire building and vulcanization, to finishing and inspection. Moreover, we can implement the security, material conveying and energy management in the whole factory.

Our comprehensive solutions can help you easily complete integration and standardization in the factory and during the entire lifecycle of tire production process. In addition, our solutions also help you improve productivity and quality while helping you meet security and regulatory requirements.


Industry case

  • Tire building

High-efficient and safe machines

The tire building machine (TBM) has been widely used in the field of environmental-friendly tire manufacturing. For tire manufacturers, these machines must be efficient, safe, flexible, and easy to operate. For machine manufacturers, these machines must be modular, standardized and economical.

Based on our high-performance Integrated Architecture® system and integrated tire building machine-related security functions, you can:

  • Synchronize machine operations, such as, winding and unwinding
  • Implement tension and edge control
  • Optimize the fixed length shearing accuracy at any mechanical operating speed
  • Easily adapt to process changes, such as, tire size


Tire vulcanization

With fast, reliable and repeatable performance advantages

Tire vulcanization is an extremely key process, dominating your capital investment. Regardless of your business scale, the fast, reliable and repeatable performance of the tire vulcanizer has a significant impact on your business operation.

Based on our Integrated Architecture system, you can improve equipment utilization and productivity in the tire vulcanization process.

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