Wit-Hong  Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of WitJoint Electrical Technology, has a professional electrical complete electrical equipment center, which is specialized in production of all kinds of standard and non-standard industrial automatic control cabinets. The complete electric equipment center has a 2,300 m2 production site, with a scientific and refined management mode, to render large-scale, standardized engineering services and electrical manufacturing, to provide customers with reliable and stable automation systems. With strong technical force, excellent equipment, advanced technology, strict quality control, it has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and national compulsory CCC certification. System design services

System design services 

  • Long-term cooperation with Rockwell, Siemens, Schneider and other well-known international brands
  • Has the design and programming capability of automatic control system with more than 1,000 points
  • Has the capability to deploy and configure the mainstream industrial software systems
  • Has the capability in design planning and debugging of industrial Ethernet and fieldbus
  • Has the capability of machine security risk assessment and security system design
  • Has the capability to design mechanical equipment association system

System integration service

  • Equipment control
  • Process control
  • Design and plan of drive control and security control systems and upper system
  • Professional cabinet design and integration capabilities to help customers optimize cabinet design and cost

Installation and debugging service
  • Automatic control programming and debugging
  • Upper computer software configuration
  • Information software configuration and deployment
  • Field installation and construction

OEM supporting services

  • Early stage: Preliminary solution design of OEM
  • Medium stage: Manufacturing, debugging and improvement of electrical products
  • Later stage: Product batch matching
  • Long-term optimization and development capability of automation application technology

We are committed to providing the most technical services for OEM, manufacturing products in line with international standards to smoothly export OEM products to all parts of the world, helping foreign OEM customers to achieve the purpose of production and manufacturing in China, and effectively reducing the manufacturing costs of OEM.

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