For organizations requiring fault prevention, Stratus technology simplifies the process of keeping key business applications always running for many industries around the world. Stratus technology can actively prevent unexpected downtime events in data centers and edge locations, and our service can ensure that every problem is resolved before the customer needs to resolve such problem.

Stratus'ftServer fault tolerant server—provide complete hardware and software services—as a safe and reliable computing platform, easy to realize 7*24 continuous operation.

Eliminate unexpected downtime: realize 99.999% reliability through redundant hardware, lockstep technology and data synchronization

  • Eliminate data loss: partial hardware fault will not affect data interaction and system operation
  • Higher timeliness: without any ISV hardware changes or fault scripts, easy to realize deployment and management.
  • Higher operating efficiency: with the function of self-monitoring, self-diagnosis and self-alarming, save time and reduce workload.

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