Cooperate with many international famous brands, vertically integrate different product solutions for the customers in the industrial automation field based on their own technical service capabilities, and be committed to providing customers with comprehensive product solutions.

Industrial automation control solutions

  • Process control system
  • Discrete control system
  • Drive control system
  • Servo control system
  • Machine security system

Intelligent drive and actuating system

  • Medium and high voltage inverters, soft starters
  • Modular, high performance frequency inverter, soft start
  • Networked intelligent motor protection and monitoring
  • Modular, intelligent system solutions

Intelligent sensing

Intelligent sensing solution
  • Cost-effective optoelectronics and proximity sensors
  • System level Ethernet RFID solution
  • Advanced vision and barcode system
Support and service
  • Analyze the entire product solutions based on application and demand
  • Professional technical support
  • Vision-based and RFID-based system solutions and customized services

Machine security 

Product solutions provided by us

  • Intelligent security control system
  • Perfect machine security components
  • Security drive products in line with the security standards

Our services

  • Provide professional solution support based on demand
  • Programming and debugging support for security control system
  • Risk assessment for machine security

Enterprise informatization basic hardware support

  • Industrial data center: Server/fault-tolerant server, storage, virtualization
  • Network connection: Industrial Ethernet connection, industrial wireless connection, network protocol conversion
  • Network and information security: Enterprise information security, network security, and control layer security

Industrial automation infrastructure

  • Cabinet: Modular cabinet and cabinet technology, energy-saving temperature control and cooling technology, data center infrastructure solutions
  • Low voltage distribution: Whole product line, CCC/CE/UL standard support
  • Electrical connection: Connection and wiring inside the cabinet, EMC solution
  • Cable and wiring: Power and data, special cables, bridges and wiring

Power quality

  • Reactive compensation: High and low voltage, SVC/SVG
  • Dynamic voltage compensation device: High dynamic response, high capacity
  • Dynamic voltage balance adjustment: Real-time, energy saving
  • Active harmonic filter
  • Frequency inverter associated filter: EMC filter, I/O reactor, passive harmonic filter, output DU/DT filter, output sine wave filter
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