Overseas business

When you look to overseas markets, Sonepar Group's globally distributed operating companies are your reliable partners. Relying on the highly coordinated global network of the Group, combined with the resources of domestic and foreign operating companies, it will bring value to the outstanding Chinese enterprises that are going to the international market, and help China's manufacturing to go global.

Sonepar Group's main data and global distribution

  • The Sonepar Group was founded in 1969 and headquarters in Paris, France.
  • The world's number one distributor of electrical products and solutions
  • Businesses cover 5 continents and 44 countries
  • It has 170 operating companies and 46,000 employees
  • Sales volume in 2018 exceeded Euro 22.4 billion


Overview of Industrial Control and Automation (ICA) Division of Sonepar Group

  • Sonepar Group's Industrial Control and Automation (ICA) Division covers Asia Pacific, Europe, and Americas. Currently, there are more than 20 operating companies, all of which are authorized distributors of Rockwell Automation.
  • In the Asia Pacific Region, the Industrial Control and Automation (ICA) Division of Sonepar Group currently covers China (Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong), India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand...


The value that Sonepar's overseas network can provide

As a bridge between Chinese companies and local customers, help with local market development

  • Shorten the distance with customers, and make joint visits/daily communications
  • Collect market information, assist in participating in local exhibitions, etc.

Assist in finding local quality resources and reduce the risk and hassle of developing new market

  • Installer, panel and cabinet manufacturer, system integrator, logistics provider, project manager...
  • One-stop procurement of local products and spare parts
  • Consultation services for local policies, laws and regulations, certification, etc.

Provide local after-sales services to eliminate customer worries


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