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In recent years, China's power lithium battery industry has experienced from null to existence, from small to big, from weak to strong development. At present, with the strongly support of national science and technology project, the key technology, the key materials and products research of China’s power lithium battery have made significant progress. Although small capacity power lithium battery technology and products of power type still have some gap compared with abroad technology and products, the large capacity power lithium battery industry has developed at the international leading level. The characteristics of single power battery have been qualified for popularization and application. Power lithium battery industry has entered the key stage of industrial construction and popularization and application. The industrial process of power lithium battery has also been in the international leading position.  

In 2018, the output of China's lithium ion battery market increased by 26.71% year-on-year, up to 102.00 GWh, accounting for 54.03% of the world's output. At present, China has become the world's largest manufacturer of lithium ion batteries. Meanwhile, in 2018, the production of lithium ion batteries increased by 48.57% year-on-year and reached up to 5.2GWh. The production of the energy-storing type lithium ion batteries is expected to reach 6.8GWh in 2019.

Abilities and advantages
Faster input speed

WitJoint Electrical Technology provides a variety of brands/protection levels of high-quality products for new energy industry customers. With years of accumulated experience, we can help you understand and avoid possible errors and unnecessary delays. At the same time, Rockwell's simple programming interface and tags as well as modular programming languages save your debugging time.

Powerful and flexible technology

The AB control system provided by WitJoint Electrical Technology can integrate various control requirements and provide standard Ethernet based on CIP (Common Industrial Protocol) to realize transparent information flow of enterprises. DC speed regulation are replaced by medium-voltage and low-voltage high power frequency conversion to help customers save equipment maintenance time and labor costs; Using automation Factory Talk SE distributed visual operation monitoring of the Rockwell helps new energy customers to achieve online monitoring of equipment status; The convergence point of production capacity shall be found in the use process;

Complete product chain

WitJoint Electrical Technology provides a complete product chain from the underlying sensor to the upper computer system.

Case sharing

Lithium battery product line plan and equipment summary:

Examples of solutions: The assembly line of automobile PACK

This case takes automobile PACK assembly line as a case to introduce the solution 

Equipment description:

  • Suitable for IP34PHEV, EP22EV and other vehicle power battery systems
  • Manual station: 22
  • Semi-automatic station: 2
  • Automatic station: 2
  • The number of operators: 30 persons
  • Beat: IP34 12JPH; EP22 6JPH
  • Capacity: 40,000 sets per year
  • Floor space: 3,000 square meters (100m x 30m)

Figure 2: The overview of line body


Figure 3: PACK process flow chart

The advantage of line body

  • Intelligent storage technology is applied to material management, which saves the space.
  • Materials are conveyed by AGV trolleys, and the travel route can be adjusted flexibly.
  • Robot handles and assemblies, which avoids robot idling and reduces labor intensity.
  • The production process can be adjusted at will, suitable for mixed production of different products in the same type.
  • Product data is automatically uploaded and saved, with good traceability.
  • A complete set of error prevention system with automatic alarm display to prevent missing, misloading and wrong installation

 Electrical system architecture diagram


The advantages of using AB system programming:

  • The framework that everyone can understand
  • A similar system for easy replication
  • The programming for AOI function block, reducing repetitive programming
  • Reduce the debugging time
  • Standardized flexible code
  • Easy to remove/add function

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