Automation and information systems suitable for medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry

Future life sciences facilities,Your another competitive advantage

A new round of industry transformation is coming -aimed at increasing the possibility and improving therapeutic effect of patients. In order to realize personalized medicine, smaller implants, and faster release, it requires innovation and a group of problem solvers, builders, manufacturers, and innovators believing in a better world.

We work hand in hand with leading biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies and equipment manufacturers, and help them build future-oriented facilities. You can take the same digital automation, IIoT connection, disposable equipment and flexibility as your another competitive advantage.

These technologies promote the realization of interconnection of enterprises, maximize your business performance, and help you:

  • Accelerate the market launch of products through flexible modular operation.
  • Improve compliance and productivity based on in-process data and analysis.
  • Make better decisions and control costs based on real-time operable insights
  • Achieve security network connection through OT method.

(Connected future factory e-book :

Solutions suitable for global life science industry

  • Biotechnology
  • Medical equipment
  • Pharmacy
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