High efficiency and reliability

Control and information solutions able to maximize the running time and security

Global competition. Higher cost. Increasingly strict environmental standard.

In order to tackle the challenge, you need to improve productivity and efficiency, minimize material costs, and achieve high reliability within limited delivery time.

Economical and practical modification can optimize performance. Unique third-party product application programs can meet specific requirements. Open networks can improve functions. Our team can use application and process expertise to develop control solutions, so as to reduce your maintenance, material and labor costs. These solutions are suitable for automation airport baggage handling, port container handling and other key systems.

Our Integrated Architecture® system can help you get data more easily, so as to improve productivity and running time. You can get the appropriate real-time information at corresponding place, and then make appropriate business decisions. Remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance can maximize your asset utilization ratio. Our global support network and local delivery capacities ensure that we can help you anytime, anywhere.

The most advanced solutions for infrastructure

  • Automation and control
  • Security solutions
  • Information solutions
  • Consulting and integration services
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