The household and personal care industry is a sub-industry of the fast-moving consumer goods industry, mainly including the household care products industry, fabric cleaning products industry represented by washing soap and synthetic detergent, household cleaning products industry represented by dish cleaner, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, air freshener, insecticide, mosquito dispeller and polishing agents, etc.; And the personal care industry, including oral care products industry, hair care products industry, personal cleansing products industry, cosmetics industry, facial tissue industry, shoe care products industry and shaving products industry, etc.

The main features of products are

①   Product cycle is short;

②   The access to the market is short and wide;

Therefore, it shall shorten product lifecycle and time to market, conduct market segmentation, develop niche products and green package, and promote customizable product delivery and globalization.

These industrial difficulties coming one after another have brought many challenges to household and personal care product manufacturers.

These difficulties include:

Innovation: Need a faster production scale expansion, more diversified formulations, and products tailored according to age, gender or geographic location.

Sustainable development: Need to reduce materials and energy consumption, use renewable, non-toxic packaging, realize cleaner production and reduce waste.

Regulatory compliance: Comply with governmental or industrial standards.

Abilities and advantages

Power of success

The product combination of PowerFlex® converter, Kinetix® servo driver and CENTERLINE® motor control center from Allen-Bradley can provide solutions for any application projects requiring speed, torque or position control. It will get more advantages when being combined with our Logix control architecture: Reduce design time, constantly master the operation information, and improve work efficiency.

Accelerate your system design in a single design environment

Based on our Studio 5000 Automation Engineering & Design Environment®, you can integrate design and engineering applications into one framework. Using Studio 5000 for configuration and programming of Allen-Bradley motor control equipment, it can reduce the engineering time, understand operation status, and make more informed decision driven by data, so as to help you lower your total cost of ownership.

Single security network infrastructure

Integrated industry and enterprise systems

Manufacturers need to further improve the modes and contents of information sharing in the operation process. The receipt and use of real-time information can help enterprises improve agility and productivity. Based on the EtherNet/IPTM network, your factories and enterprises can be connected safely and reliably. We use a comprehensively open system approach to safely connect your enterprise. Our products, solutions and professional services can help you build network infrastructure, industrial information security, automation and information solutions.


Case sharing

——Baby diaper equipment solutions

The equipment is full servo control equipment, mainly compounding sanitary napkins, paper materials and rubber bands into paper diapers, and carrying out automatic packaging subsequently.

Solutions based on Rockwell automation products, including:

  • Allen-Bradley ControlLogox 5570 (5580) programmable automation controller (GuardLogix for those with safety level requirements)
  • Allen-Bradley Point I/O distributed slave station
  • Allen-Bradley Kinetix 5700 (6500) servo drive
  • Allen-Bradley MP, VP series servo motors
  • Allen-Bradley PowerFlex750 series frequency converters
  • Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 7HMI
  • Allen-Bradley GuardMaster safety relay
  • Allen-Bradley FactoryTalk information software platform
  • EtherNet/IP

Informatization platform

Use FactoryTalk information software platform to provide powerful information management function for user equipment: Realize data visualization and traceability

  • Production data: Qualified rate, OEE, etc.
  • Electrical data: Running current, temperature, speed, etc. of servo motor
  • Process data: Traceability of formula data, preservation of good production data models, etc.
  • Alarm data: Real-time alarm list, historical alarm list, historical alarm statistics, etc.
  • All kinds of data are composed of graphical view (trend graph, pie graph, bar graph) and data view, and are stored in the database, which are traceable, and generate reports, etc.


Summary of advantages

  1. Modular-based programming will reduce design development time and accelerate the market launch of equipment.
  2. Modular-based programming improves program stability and readability.
  3. Full Ethernet control improves machine performance stability and carries out more comprehensive function diagnostics.
  4. Safety shutoff and safety speed monitoring of the frequency converter improves the safety of the machine.
  5. Reliable program block encryption algorithm effectively protect customer's intellectual property rights.
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