For Bosch Intelligent Glove (BIG), with nearly three years of development from the initial technical concept prototype to product molding to internal plant pilot and practice, at present, the first generation of BIG technology has two application scenarios, namely, work station analysis and training evaluation, of which the plug-and-play design can create more customer value.

With embedded Bosch MEMS sensor, BIG realizes real-time simulation of hand actions, which is able to collect and analyze operational data. In addition, this product can also help users learn the correct assembly steps and record the production process. Product data can be transmitted via bluetooth to a computer or smartphone for comparison with the stored action mode.

Integrated with advanced digital gesture recognition and flexible circuit board technology, it can digitally record the action track of manual operation, help enterprises to improve the work efficiency of manual operation station, double the training process, prevent the misoperation of key work stations, and improve quality and efficiency, which is a useful tool for production management under the tide of intelligent manufacturing.

System architecture

Cooperation mode

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