Automobile Manufacturing

Solutions for global automobile manufacture industry

The automobile industry is developing at an alarming rate. However, your goal is still unchanged: That is to operate more efficiently and expose products to the market more quickly.

Our automobile manufacturing expertise, strategic partnership, and automation and control solutions cover the entire automobile supply chain, which can help you achieve your goal from the following aspects:

  • Global plan start-up experience and expertise, including: Global specification design and development, IT and manufacturing system integration, employee training, local support, and machine manufacturer coordination
  • Conduct in-depth understanding of automobile manufacturing business and process optimization

We provide comprehensive enterprise-wide solutions and services to help automobile manufacturers and their suppliers:

  • Safely implement the business process improvement
  • Enhance the manufacturing flexibility
  • Increase the access to real-time production information
  • Improve the supply chain integration throughout the enterprise

Applicable to all production stages

  • Automobile manufacturing execution system
  • Electric vehicle production
  • Punching & forming
  • Power system manufacturing
  • Automobile assembly
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