Automatic water/wastewater treatment system

Automation of water treatment and drainage system;

Reduce the maintenance cost of your project;

Reliable and flexible control solutions can maximize your productivity.

Global water industry experts are facing the following significant challenges:

  • More stringent water quality standards and increase of labor, operating and maintenance costs
  • Security improvement and strict government regulations
  • System capacity expansion and equipment reliability improvement
  • Aged control and discharge system to be upgraded

We widely invest in the development of new products and technologies, and provide the first-class process control solutions, to help you maximize productivity and reduce costs. From field devices and motor control to the monitor layer, and to the business integration system, our water/ wastewater treatment solutions can:

  • Maximize the productivity
  • Reduce implementation costs
  • Minimize lifecycle costs
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements
  • Allow future expansion


Water treatment operation solution

  • Freshwater
  • Wastewater treatment


Products and functions

Products and services for improving compliance and operation performance

Our portfolio of products and services provides solutions for improving the operation performance of water treatment plants. From RTU and pump control to modern SCADA and control systems, we provide fully integrated solutions for the industrial and municipal water treatment industries.

Our product portfolio includes:

  • Visualization
  • Process control
  • Intelligent motor control
  • Remote monitoring and analysis
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