Media CenterWitJoint Electrical Technology New Ecommerce Website Officially Launched!

WitJoint has always upheld the innovation spirit of enterprise and constant drive to serve our customers with better customer experience through multiple channels. On October 11th, 2019, WitJoint is proud to launch our new B2B eCommerce website, featuring a comprehensive display of information such as company profile, product information, solutions, news, and events.

The new website focuses on great user experience while enabling global customers to better understand WitJoint’s company culture, business dynamics, services provided, and products carried.

The homepage of the new website include links to Products, Technical Expertise, Industry Solutions, Brands Center, About Us, and Contact Us. The layout and design have been meticulously designed to be informative, interactive, highly functional and easy to use, allowing users to effortlessly learn more about WitJoint and its services.


New highlights of the website:

  • "Products" displays the products available on WitJoint; where customers can places orders directly on the platform.
  • "Technical Expertise", "Industry solutions" and "Media center" provides the latest news and content updates from WitJoint;
  • "About us" helps you know more about the history of WitJoint
  • "Brand center" part introduces the featured partner brands
  • "Contact us" provides contact information for all branches of WitJoint and allows customers to contact us with an online form


In addition, the new website also presents such information as WitJoint's enterprise culture, news, and events, as well as recruitment, and provides the latest news of the company timely and systematically.

The new website is now operational and is still constantly improving. We welcome all comments and suggestions on the new website!